By Nichole Schleihauf
Contributing Writer

This year’s PrideFest was a smash hit for the LGBTQ+ Resource Center! 

The Women’s Center, the LGBT Center of Great Reading, Student Government Board and the KU Student Success Center, as well as many others, joined in on the fun. 

Each booth described how they can help and support KU students of all sexualities and backgrounds. Some even provided raffle tickets for festive baskets filled with pride-themed and rainbow goodies. 

Front and center, the LGBTQ+ Resource center provided ‘closet’ cutouts for attendees to share their coming out story, or give affirmations. “‘In’ or ‘out,’ you are valid!” reads one posted on the doorway.

The Allies put together a game in which attendees spin a wheel and guess whichever flag it lands on. While not all flags are as widely used as the rainbow, the Allies were helpful in educating what they each represent.

The Women’s Center helped inform on sexual health and assured attendees they knew all the services they provided. Reminiscent of a carnival game, they provided a ‘guess how many condoms are in the jar’– winner would receive all the condoms. Naturally, they mentioned an alternative prize would be dispersed if condoms weren’t the winner’s style.

The FMLA hosted a photobooth for attendees to show their pride with a variety of flags to choose from. Smaller handheld flags were offered to take home as a keepsake.

Students at PrideFest
Photo by Nichole Schleihauf

The Student Success Center chipped in with a semester calendar for students to make sure they didn’t get too behind as midterms come to a close and finals are just around the corner.

The Multicultural Center asked attendees some questions about inclusivity around campus before they could collect their prize. 

The Student Government Board’s idea for a paint-your-own-tote was a hit. Students who participated could be seen with a custom design on their bag, showing their pride all around campus. 

National Residence Hall Honorary aided in making a pride flag composed of affirmations written on hearts. Later they will be laminated into a poster to be hung in Dixon Hall.

Theta Phi Alpha set up some bracelet making with elastic and beads, giving attendees a wearable way to express themselves.

The food contributed by the LGBTQ+ Center fit the carnival theme with the scent of corndogs and cotton candy filling the room.

If you couldn’t make it to PrideFest, or want to become more involved, they will host a legal name-change meeting on Oct. 18 and a Rocky Horror Picture Show viewing party on Oct. 28.

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