By Carin Holmes
News Editor

The Student Success Center is adjusting back to an in-person format as it helps students reach their academic potential. They have also seen changes with a new location and a smaller staff.

The Student Success Center, which works to assist students with time management, test-taking strategies, note-taking, textbook reading and more, has shifted back to an in-person format, according to Dr. Andrea Kirshman, the provost for student success and academic excellence. 

Center for Student Success and Academic Excellence
Photo by Vincent Lattanzi

The Center has seen two major changes since the pandemic began: a location change and retirements. In June of 2021 the center relocated to the lower level of the Rohrbach Library in Room 11. 

In July 2020, the center had two staff members retire, which has left them with fewer staff. 

Kirshman said that the number of students who are struggling in their academics is “a bit higher than anticipated,” but she does not yet have data to determine just how much the pandemic has impacted students academically.

The center plans to continue providing its services and programs in-person unless they are directed otherwise. Kirshman said they are using student input to improve their services and learn how to best serve the KU community. 
Students in need of academic assistance can contact the Student Success Center by emailing or by calling 610-683-4007.


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