By Carin Holmes
News Editor

COVID-19 Testing Change

KU updated its COVID-19 testing policy on September 13, 2021, to allow all students and employees to undergo weekly testing, regardless of symptoms or proximity to a positive case.

Voluntary COVID-19 testing will now be available at KU every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the East Gym of the Student Recreation Center beginning Sept. 15. Students who are experiencing symptoms or have been identified as a close contact of a positive case should not be tested through this process, and should instead contact the KU Health Center by calling (610) 683-4082.

This is a change from KU’s previous testing policy, which only provided testing for those who were symptomatic, close contacts of a previous case or student-athletes and coaches.

For those seeking additional information about the testing or wish to find out how to register, you can find that information on KU’s Testing Information page here

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