By Rebecca Schweitzer
Copy and Line Editor

KU football beat Seton Hill 14-3 on September 18, 2021, during the Family Day football game. Both defenses dominated the game. 

Ryan Jennings Jr completing a pass during the game against Seton Hill
Credit: John Zangari, Student Photographer

KU kicked off to Seton Hill to start the game, but the Golden Bear’s defense quickly stopped the Griffins. Seton Hill’s defense returned the stop, causing the Bear’s to punt after only a short drive. The first quarter ended with a tied 0-0 score. 

The second quarter appeared to be going the same way, with multiple defensive stops for both teams. KU did score seven points with a touchdown pass from Eric Nickel to Kaden Hastie and a fair extra-point kick by Dean Krcic. 

Seton Hill answered by ending the quarter with a field goal by Luke Hauger. At halftime, the score was 7-3 KU. 

Cheerleaders and the Kutztown University Marching Unit
Credit: Andrew Russell, University Photographer

The defenses continued to dominate in the second half. KU managed to get another touchdown in the third quarter with a pass from Nickel to Jake Novak and another extra-point by Krcic. 

Toward the end of the fourth quarter, Seton Hill saw a long drive towards the end zone. The drive ended with an interception by Ryan Jennings Jr. KU clenched the victory, 14-3. 

KU will be traveling to play Shepard on Sept. 25 but will be back in Andre Reed Stadium on Oct. 2 to face East Stroudsburg. 


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