By Spencer Ford
Recruitment and Retention Manager

The football game on Sept. 4  was an eventful day for the Golden Bears. Not only did KU win their first game of the season, but it was also a great day for the arts and music. For the first time since the COVID-19 outbreak, the Kutztown University Marching Unit (KUMU) was able to play together at a game. 

Matthieu Maier, one of the three drum majors for KUMU this season, discussed KUMU’s first game back, COVID-19 safety while performing and what he is most looking forward to. 

“We hadn’t played at a football game in about two whole years, so it felt exhilarating to get back on the field with the rest of KUMU,” said Maier. “The entire ensemble brought incredible energy to truly make the day memorable.” 

When asked what he is most looking forward to this semester, Maier responded, “We’re excited to go out there and do our job: perform.” Due to COVID-19, the band has been unable to perform at any football games or at other various events. 

Matthieu Maier, drum major for KUMU looks at the crowd during the football game.
Photo by Samantha Marencik

If you missed KUMU at Saturday’s game, they will be back on the field again soon. “Normally, we get to perform at all our football games, high school exhibitions and the Collegiate Marching Band Festival, and thankfully, we’re able to do all of that this season,” said Maier when asked about what is upcoming for this season.

With COVID-19 still a threat, KUMU is still taking the precautions that they can to help ensure the health and safety of their unit throughout the season. Mask usage is enforced amongst the band members whenever they are inside buildings, and they are cognizant of their social distancing. 

Maier shared that even though it is amazing to be back performing, KUMU is putting everyone’s health first. 

To stay up to date on KUMU’s marching season, you can follow them on Instagram @kumugoldenbears or on TikTok @officialkumu.


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