By Sabrina Betterly
News Editor

Students doing yoga in the DMZ Credit: Kutztownu on Instagram

KU held their final wellness day on April 20, with a large tent set up on the DMZ to host all of the events.

The wellness day featured live music from the KU Music Department along with activities like mini golf, henna, international food tasting, yoga and more. 

This late into the semester, students had mixed thoughts on the wellness day. 

Some students enjoyed the day, like Christopher Scarmack, who said, “I really enjoyed this wellness day a lot! I actually had a pretty relaxing day, and the weather was really really nice.” 

However, many students felt differently.

“It was pretty lit this time, but I still would’ve preferred a spring break,” said Kayla Piacquadio.

Students having fun with chalk on wellness day. Credit: Kutztownu on Instagram

Other students reported being busy with schoolwork all day and missing out on the activities. 

Mackenzie Lewis, a student who is living at home for the semester, said, “Wellness days make me feel really disconnected from KU because I see all the fun photos of the on campus activities on Insta, and it just makes me feel worse that I didn’t get to experience that.”

With many students on MyKU posting about burnout due to the lack of a spring break, administration  is hopeful that wellness days will help, but students still feel exhausted.
Despite this, President Hawkinson has said in a previous Keystone News article, KU Snow Days Are History, that he believes the 2021-2022 academic year will have the return of extended breaks like fall and thanksgiving break as well as a normal spring break. With that, students can anticipate a normal school year with extended days off like before.

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