By Michael Alberto
Assistant Freeform Editor

According to Washington Post/ABC News, President Joseph Biden holds a 52% approval rating over his first 100 days in office. While better than former President Donald Trump’s approval rating at the same time in his presidency (42%), President Biden has the third lowest approval rating after 100 days since former President Harry Truman. 

However, Biden holds higher marks over specific issues regarding his handling of the COVID-19 crisis and his proposal to raise the corporate tax rate. 

Despite President Biden’s shakey approval numbers, this should not be a concern moving forward in his presidency. While still dealing with a pandemic, President Biden should take the initiative to move forward with bold legislation to build upon the foundations he has laid with his current plans. 

The stimulus checks and other forms of COVID-19 relief were successful, and vaccine distribution has been moving quicker than anticipated. However, in comparison to other countries, Biden’s COVID-19 relief bill is lacking in how much support was provided to American citizens. Additionally, the Biden Administration is against removing patent protections for the COVID-1,9 vaccines which limits their ability to be easily distributed. 

Looking at what he has done requires review of his campaign promises because it is important to keep politicians accountable for their campaign promises and initiatives while in office. Providing a public option for health care as well as immigration and climate change proposals are all campaign promises President Biden has either been silent on or has done little to make progress on. While politics take time, it is important to press the administration on these issues and more. 

The first 100 days for the Biden Administration have not been perfect, but there are many foundational stepping stones the administration can use to build bigger and better policy proposals.


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