By Sabrina Betterly
News Editor

During the weekend of Jan. 29 to Jan. 31, most students moved back onto campus and are ready for the spring 2021 semester, and their experiences about how the move-in process varied. 

Many students reported that they had a smooth process, while others suggest improvements for future move-ins.

When asked what they thought of the COVID-19 test required for on-campus students, many responded in agreement that it put them at ease.

“I am extremely happy that they decided to do mandatory COVID-19 testing before students could move in,” said Hailey Johnson, a KU senior. “It made me feel safer about coming to campus initially.”

Some students have already said they want mandatory testing to continue. 

“I hope they continue it for fall 2021 and have testing available to anyone who feels they need it,” said Julia Yaniger, a KU sophomore. 

However, some students have suggestions for improvement, as some confusion arose during the move-in process. 

“The email you received for the test should be more clear. I wasn’t sure what ‘not detected’ meant.” said Krystal Arroyo, a KU sophomore. 

KU sophomore Cecelia Knecht stated she had to return to the testing site after an hour to ask them to resend her test result, as she never received an email. When she did receive one, the message was not clear.

“In the email sent out with the test result…the second line was ‘IF YOU TEST POSITIVE.’ This would show up in the email alert message, and multiple people that I know thought their results had come back positive,” Knecht added.

Knecht believes this needs to be changed to minimize confusion. 

Move-in weekend went smoothly for most students, but some issues need to be refined. Overall, having every on-campus student go through a COVID-19 test should prevent a large case spike for the first few weeks. 


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