Officer Involved in Reading Shooting, Charges Filed Against Defendant

By Michael Weisser
Contributing Writer

On Sept. 28, Reading police arrested Lakim J. Miller-Nock due to an incident that occurred near South Eighthand Franklin Streets in Reading, Pa. The nature of the incident was listed as an “Officer Involved Shooting.”

Miller-Nock, also known as Roxanne Moore, was charged with two counts aggravated assault, robbery, theft, receiving stolen property, terroristic threats and three counts of simple assault.

Her arrest was due to the incidents of Sept. 13, when at 7 a.m., an argument was started in Miller-Nock’s apartment, and she reportedly stole a handgun. She was seen outside waving the handgun and threatened to shoot and kill one of the eyewitnesses.

When police arrived, they ordered her to drop her gun, which was pointed at them, and after several more orders for her to drop the gun, the officer fired. A total of 16 shots were fired by the three officers present when all was said and done. Miller-Nock’s injuries required “life-saving procedures” by the EMS on site, according to the Reading Eagle.

Berk’s County District Attorney John T. Adams said an investigation into the officers’ actions were determined to be a “reasonable use of force,” and following Miller-Nock’s discharge from the hospital, charges were brought against her prior to her arrest.

Adams’ statement concluded by reminding everyone an arrest is “merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.”

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