Donald Trump Nominates Amy Coney Barrett for Ginsburg Seat on the Supreme Court

By Dylan Adams
News Editor

President Donald Trump nominated Amy Coney Barret for the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s spot on the Supreme Court on Sept. 26..

Barrett is an American jurist and lawyer who has been serving on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit based in Chicago since 2017. 

Barret bases many of her policies and decisions on her beliefs as an originalist, focusing on examining and establishing policies that coincide with the U.S. Constitution in its original text. 

Credit: Alex Brandon

Trump has faced backlash over his decision to fill the court position against  Ginsburg’s dying wish that her position be filled by the winner of the rapidly approaching 2020 presidential election.

Criticism has been raised with Senator Mitch McConnel’s decision to move ahead with Barret’s confirmation process. Previously, he had refused to hold hearings on  President Barack Obama’s 2016 Court nomination for nearly a year. At the time, McConnell had stated that his decision was due to the upcoming election and that the voters should have a voice in selecting an associate justice, reflecting the elected presidential candidate.

McConnel has not shown the same resolve in the case of Ginsburg’s death, moving to conduct hearings to fill the seat with a Trump nominee as soon as possible and before the outcome of the 2020 election, going against his own policy during the previous administration and Ginsburg’s dying wishes.

Pro-choice activists worry the potential 6-3 conservative to liberal balance will endanger protections for women’s reproductive rights, most notably stating the fear that Roe v. Wade, the 1976 Supreme Court ruling that made abortion legal within the U.S., could be overturned.

Others worry that Barret will be unable to properly differentiate her Catholic beliefs from her duties on the Supreme Court on a number of national issues.

Barret is set to begin confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court position on Oct. 12 according to NPR, citing a Senate Republican aide as their source.

The Keystone will continue to cover the story as more information becomes available.

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