Shooting at Lehigh Valley Mall, No Injuries Reported

By Michael Weisser
Contributing Writer

On Sept. 19, several gunshots were heard at the Lehigh Valley mall just before 5:00 p.m.. The Whitehall Township Police Department stated they have few details. Police Chief Michael Marks went on to say that there were no gunshot victims.

Police from multiple stations as well as the Pennsylvania State Police were on the site shortly after shots were reported. They, along with federal agencies, are trying to track down suspects. 

Credit: Tyler Pratt

Police are going through video footage from the store and people who were present. They are also asking for the public’s help. If anyone has footage, call the number that follows this article.

Marks gave statements and took questions three to four hours after the shooting. The Whitehall Township Police Department stated that they did not have any details in regards to suspects.

 “As soon as I have it, you will have it,” Marks said.

The primary goal as soon as police had arrived on the Lehigh Valley Mall premises and had confirmed no one was in immediate danger, was to reunite families. Marks reiterated this point many times throughout his official statement.

“It’s about as chaotic as it could be,” Marks said in his concluding statement.  

Officers moved to help people in the panic while also maintaining social distancing due to the effects of COVID-19. 

The event caused panic and fear for the shoppers that were in the mall during the time of the shooting. Accounts of people cramming into storage areas and becoming increasingly more terrified have circulated on social media. 

“Just because someone doesn’t get hit by a bullet doesn’t mean that they’re not hurt in someway,” Tim Hilfiger, who works at the Lehigh Valley Mall, commented on Instagram. 

“Life changes in an instant. Hug your babies tight and express your love everyday,” Monica Garcia, who was at the mall during the shooting, said in an Instagram post.

Despite the events of Sept. 19 and their immediate aftermath, the mall was open on the next day.

Anyone with information or video footage from the shooting are asked to call Whitehall Police at 610-437-3042 or Lehigh Valley Dispatch at 610-437-5252.

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