Red Sox Manager Alex Cora’s Suspension Comes to End

By Sammy Strobel
Assistant Sports Editor

Due to a Sign-Stealing Scandal, Alex Cora recently lost his job as the Red Sox’s manager. He was suspended, but that suspension is ending. When managing the Red Sox, Cora led them to the 2018 title.

The M.L.B. investigators identified Cora as a central figure in an illicit scheme with the Astros of capturing opposing catchers’ signs with a video feed and utilizing the replay review room to decode and transmit signs. He also developed the banging scheme.


During a conference call, the CEO of the Red Sox stated that he thinks Cora is worthy of a second chance. Cora has apologized numerous times, acknowledging his wrong doing.

In order for him to become a manager again, Cora will need to go through a rehab process, something he says to have no problems completing.

“I am grateful for the Commissioner’s thoughtful and thorough investigation relating to my conduct as Red Sox manager,” Cora said. He takes full responsibility in the role that he played during the scandal and respects the discipline for his actions.

Cora is relieved that the investigation has come to an end and hopes to manage the team again.


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