PA residence protest stay-at-home orders with gathering in Harrisburg

By: Maddie O’Shea 
News Editor

On April 20 at 12 p.m., there was a protest in Harrisburgh, PA against the stay-at-home order. People gathered in a large crowd and in their cars in front of the capital to ask the governor to open the state before May 1. 

The stay-at-home order was recently extended until May 8.

The event, Operation Gridlock Pennsylvania, was broadcasted live on Facebook, promoted by the group Pennsylvanians Against Excessive Quarantine.

Last week, Governor Wolf laid out a three phase plan in order to safely prepare for business activity to restart. Wolf has not specified when he envisions PA to reopen, as it is dependent on individual participation and emerging data.

Currently, PA is in the first phase. Phase one, “relief,” deals with food security, student loans and unemployment. There are also procedures businesses and health care providers must adhere to in order to avoid endangering others and overcrowding.

The second phase, “reopening,” will occur only when there is enough equipment and tests. Gathering in large groups will still be prohibited. The hope is to allow individuals and businesses to have some freedom while still respecting regulations.

Finally, phase three, “recovery,” takes into account the repercussions of the aftermath. Wolf has created a plan that touches on minimum wage, workplace standards, sick and family leave policies, etc. for individuals. Businesses will see short and long-term financial support, incentives and expansions of broadband networks. 


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