KU esports stops due to COVID-19

Rebecca Schweitzer
Contributing Writer

Despite the sport being hosted online, KU’s new esports team will not be continuing competitions throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The decision came after the school asked all recreational sports, which esports is a part of, to withhold competing and practicing, according to esport’s president Connor Ellis. 

Additionally, not all roster players have the equipment they need to play from home, so if they continued, they would need to change the rosters, said Ellis when explaining the decision to stop competitions and practices. 

“I get it. I understand. It sucks, but it’s what needs to happen to keep everyone healthy and safe,” Ellis said in a phone interview. 

 In the esports competitive world, most collegiate competitions have been postponed or cancelled. Tespa, an organization that hosts several collegiate esports competitions, has cancelled the remainder of all of their tournaments during the pandemic. The KU League of Legends team is the only one of KU’s teams whose tournament is still up and running during this time, but they still are not competing in it, Ellis said. 

Even though they cannot continue practicing or competing, the Esports Club is working to prepare for next year. Applications are now open for the Rocket League, League of Legends, and Overwatch game directors positions. Links to those Google forms can be found on the announcement channel of the Esports Club’s Discord: https://discord.gg/A7zFDh.   

Likewise, candidates running for the president’s position will be giving speeches and debating via Zoom on April 18. Any club member is welcome to attend the virtual debate, but only those present may cast a vote. 

Anybody interested in becoming a part of KU’s Esports Club or who has questions can contact Connor Ellis at celli788@live.kutztown.edu.

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