KU Track and Field and Women’s Basketball teams speak out about the end of spring seasons

By Lauren Gudknecht
Assistant Sports Editor

KU announced a few weeks back that the spring season of sports would end sooner than they had thought, as well as sports being pushed back further into the fall. Some of the players here are some thoughts about their collegiate sports careers either coming to an end or being pushed back later than expected.

Tommy Oliver, a junior, was disappointed that the virus ended the track teams’ season early. With one more year left, he is lucky enough to return for another season, whereas a lot of his friends and teammates competed for the last time, unknowingly. The track team finished off the year well, reaching many goals that each and every one of them worked towards.

Andrew Boshe, another track team member, stated that the team was fortunate enough to be able to finish off their indoor season, but missed out on the entire outdoor season. Boshe stated, “everyone on the team does outdoor track, it is just a different atmosphere being outside.”

As a junior, Andrew said he could not imagine what it is like to go out like this. Throughout the indoor track season, many records were broken, but he is looking forward to a better and stronger year to finish his senior year.

Karen Lapkiewicz, a senior on the Women’s Basketball team, was lucky enough to finish out their season as a team before COVID-19 hit, but it does affect their post season and possibly their summer camp.

 With the season ending before the virus struck, the girls could not move into their post season, which consists of lifting and skills twice a week. She stated that it is an important part of their season where the team reflects on the year and makes changes individually or as a whole to make them stronger for next season. With that being said, the coaches have come together to prepare the athletes for the summer and next season in the fall. 

Being a senior, Lapkiewicz was hoping to end on a high note with the team but tore her ACL near the end of the season. A few other injuries occurred on the team, Lapkiewicz stated, but “things happen for a reason” and she knows the team will win next year with big goals ahead of them.

The Coronavirus ended senior Abdul Saad’s track season much shorter than he expected and impacted him tremendously. He stated that the virus has had a terrible impact on all college athletes, however, it is something that is uncontrollable. It hurt him when the news came out, but keeping everyone safe is the top priority. He was disappointed not to be able to make more memories with the team and was excited to see how everyone was going to perform going into the outdoor season.

Finishing strong, he has reflected on all of the positives here at Kutztown as a Golden Bear and has had some great memories and achievements made. Abdul wishes the best of luck to all athletes going into their next seasons.

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