West Chester University moves to online classes amid coronavirus concerns

By Maddie O’Shea
News Editor

In order to combat coronavirus concerns, West Chester University has declared academic instruction remotely online for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. The WCUhas no confirmed cases of coronavirus at this time. 

According to a statement sent out by West Chester University President, Christopher Fiorentino, all courses will resume remotely on March 30. Internships, clinicals and student teaching will continue as long as the host institution is open.

Other US universities have been cancelling in-person classes, such as Duke University, University of California, Los Angeles and many other Ivy Leagues.

Several counties in Pennsylvania have confirmed cases. Local school districts in Pennsylvania have been closing. Since this week is spring break for many state schools, it is a time for administrations to plan what precautions to take. 

KU has no confirmed cases. They did, however, cancel Science Olympiad amid concerns. There are no changes to in-person classes at this time. 


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