Rohrbach Library archives intern creates magazine

By Maddie O’Shea 
News Editor

Senior professional writing student and Rohrbach Library intern, Kathy Evans, has created a magazine-style publication dedicated to the archives in Rohrbach Library. Appropriately named, it is titled “The Archives Magazine.” There will be two issues published over the course of the spring semester.

Evans is the first professional writing student to be an intern at the archives. Her reasoning behind creating a magazine was to make students aware the archive exists, as many students at KU, she said, don’t even know the library has it. 

In order to fill the magazine’s contents, Evans was adamant in assigning story topics to professional writing students. She was looking for seasoned writers who have taken classes in magazine writing.

“More experienced writers who have taken magazine writing classes can use this opportunity to write great pieces and build their portfolios,” said Evans.

She wanted the publication to be written in a magazine-style format versus a journalistic one. If a contributing writer was covering a certain artifact in a journalistic article, for instance, he or she would follow the inverted pyramid: the most important information is found at the top, followed by general background. Journalism, to her, is brief and straight to the point. Magazine writing, on the other hand, weaves a story-like narrative throughout a piece that reads almost like fiction but never crosses the bounds. 

“I want writers to be able to convey the history of whatever they’re writing about,” said Evans. “You can’t do that as successfully through a journalism article.”

The archives, located in room 203, handles artifacts, memorabilia, rare books and textiles of KU. In its main office, books such as old yearbooks line shelves. There are two other rooms filled with old maps, posters, original “Keystone Newspaper” prints and rare-edition books. There are also scans of archives material that students can access online. 

Students can expect to see the first issue of “The Archives Magazine” printed within the following weeks. 


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