The Edge Offers New Upgrades for 2020

By Maddie O’Shea
Contributing Writer

The Edge, an off-campus housing option for KU students, has upgrades for the new year. The apartment complex is offering new leases for 2020-2021, upgrading its internet service and is now pet friendly. 

For 2020-2021, The Edge is offering an 11 and a half month lease from Aug. 1, 2020, through July 15, 2021. These leases cost $395 per month for a downstairs apartment and $420 per month for an upstairs apartment. Utilities are included in the prices. 

Other costs include premiums, parking fees, security deposits and application fees. There is a $25 premium per month for upstairs housing. Parking fees are $50 annually. Security deposits cost $250. Application fees are $25 per person. 

“The new leases are the lowest price offered compared to the previous year,” said lead lease consultant Tina Galdi.

The Edge also offers limited two bedroom, three bathroom units and short term leases upon request.

Internet service is also being upgraded at The Edge. It has been an ongoing frustration for residents. Students have complained online that the internet goes out, and WiFi is not always available.

“If you see anything about the internet online…we are getting that fixed this week,” said Community Manager Ricky Acosta. 

In addition, The Edge is now pet friendly. Whether a cat, dog or other animal, pets can accompany students for $250 plus $30 monthly rent. 

“Having my dog with me makes it all the better,” said Lauren Poole, a senior living at The Edge. “The monthly fee is pretty good compared to other places, so overall it’s a good deal.” 

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  1. Why don’t you target a company like this to purchase advertising in the paper rather than give it to them for free? Do you guys understand how capitalism works?

  2. Thank you for this! We definitely appreciate you coming out and choosing to represent us in the Keystone Newspaper.