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Dr. Glenn Shaheen visits KU

By Heather Gursky
Arts and Entertainment Editor

On April 25, the English department invited poet and flash fiction writer Dr. Glen Shaheen to share his published work. Shaheen’s writing focuses on horror, personal experiences and political aspects in a fictional style.

Shaheen read poetry from his books “Predatory” and “Energy Corridor.” He also read a few flash fiction pieces from his collection “Carnevalia.” The work he read was inspired by the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the media, “Macbeth,” personal encounters and more.

“Shaheen is an incredible performer for his poems, bringing them to life with a unique, urgent delivery,” said Brandon Krieg, English department faculty member, after the event.

During the Q&A session, Shaheen said, “[Horror] engages directly with a true emotional vain in a way that other genres cannot do.”

He added, “Comedy tries to go for laughs, but is comedy an emotion? It compels happiness in a way, sort of. But when you watch a horror movie you can feel terror, you can feel fear.”

Shaheen also states his political poetry “critically examines the way that society fails many of its members.”

He clarifies by stating he “tries to translate the emotional energy of political moments into a poem. It may not definitively state ‘we have the ability to end poverty and we should,’ it gets that emotional idea across through imagery and sentence fragments.”

“Overall, Glenn was great at speaking clearly and making each poem sound thrilling, and was able to set the mood for each one very easily which I appreciate,” commented freshman Jesus Ramirez.

After the Q&A, Shaheen continued to converse with the students. He also had a few copies of his books for sale, which can also be found on Amazon.


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