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Profile: STEAMworks KU’s epicenter for creative and technological advancement

By Heather Gursky
Arts and Entertainment Editor

Starting in the fall semester of 2015, KU converted Rohrbach Library room 18 into an openly accessible space of design for students, clubs and faculty.

Over the past four years, STEAMworks has continued to offer students hands-on experience with the sciences and arts. The name itself comes from the S.T.E.M. program, hence, the unlimited opportunities and equipment provided.

The room includes 3D printers, a sewing and embroidery machine, a button and magnet maker, lamination machine and much more. To best understand the room and services, make an appointment with a STEAMworks member on their website or by visiting the room.

Currently, the STEAMworks team is in the beginning stages of printing a 3D model of campus. This design will help visually impaired students interact and gain a better sense of the campus’ layout.

The 3D printers are also utilized in the first year seminar classes introduced this semester. Both “Let’s Make Stuff” and “Body Adornment, Tattoo and other Modification” classes provide students with hands-on experience using high tech equipment, making jewelry and other personal items.

KTA, the Kutztown Technology Association, also uses the space by holding workshops informing students on various topics. Another club that uses the space is Veg club, a club centered around vegetarianism and living a healthy lifestyle.

STEAMworks even hosts arts and crafts events on the weekend. Join the team for a Bob Ross paint-along on April 14 and Bracelets for Mothers and Others on May 5. Both events are from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

For further questions, visit the STEAMworks lab. For their current hours of operation, visit the STEAMworks website.


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