Borough police request for drinking volunteers goes viral

By Kaylee Lindenmuth
News Editor

A Facebook post was made on Wednesday, Jan. 16 requesting volunteers for a Kutztown Borough Police field sobriety test training. The post drew an “overwhelming response.”

The post requested a trio of volunteers to assist “in training officers to administer Standardized Field Sobriety Tests during suspected DUI traffic stops” in April.

Volunteer requirements included a clean criminal record, the volunteer’s age to be between 25 and 40 and to “be willing to drink hard liquor to the point of inebriation.”

Qualified parties were asked to contact Chief Craig Summers.

By the next morning, the post was edited with an addition reading “thank you all for your interest in helping us out! We have had an overwhelming response…”

By Monday, Jan. 21, the story made headlines across the nation, including national outlets NPR and Fox News, as well as newspapers such as the Boston Globe, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, New York Post, Dayton Journal-News, Raleigh News & Observer and the Laredo Morning Times.

As of Jan. 21, the post had been shared 2,011 times and drew over 1,000 likes and comments.


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