By Kaylee Lindenmuth
News Editor

The student, who has not yet been identified, caused between $5,000 and $8,000 in damages between 10:45 p.m. and midnight that day, defacing the Academic Forum, Rohrbach Library, Schaeffer Auditorium and McFarland Student Union, among others. Sharadin and Boehm were untouched.

The student painted pentagrams, the number 666, and the word JStreet on those buildings, according to Matt Santos, Vice President for University Relations.

The student was interviewed as officers and investigators acted upon information from Berks Crime Alert and subsequently confessed to the act.

The student faces a felony count of Institutional Vandalism, seven misdemeanor counts of Institutional Vandalism and a misdemeanor count of Desecration, Theft or Sale of Venerated Objects.

University Relations thanked the KU community “for assistance with this investigation and for helping to keep our campus and safe and welcoming place for all.”



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