Jeremy Pauley’s unorthodox art

By Heather Gursky
Assistant A&E Editor


On Saturday, Feb. 24, Jeremy Pauley, the current owner of Blue Blood Vapor Lounge on Main Street, allowed The Keystone Newspaper to hold an art exhibit in his shop’s back lounge.

This was a perfect blend of promoting The Keystone and showcasing student and local artwork, as well as promoting Pauley’s business and own art.

Paintings and sketches from Kutztown locals and students were put on display, including three of Pauley’s blood paintings.

Pauley has been painting with blood for 14 years now, collecting blood from close friends who volunteer.  Most of Pauley’s paintings depict a character from a horror movie.

Pauley was commissioned in 2015 by horror actor, Dan Yeager, to paint a Freddy Krueger piece. He also has a painting of Marie Antoinette on display in the Gettysburg Dime Museum.

He’s painted several male serial killers, including Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy, that are now on display in the Museum of Death in New Orleans.

Artist Jeremy Pauley with one of his blood paintings – Photo courtesy of The Keystone News

After a decade of painting with blood, Pauley has decided to try something new: bone carving. In an interview, Pauley said, “I want to switch it up but still use something human, which is where the bone comes in. I want to do more human skull caps and inlay them in blood then varnish them.”

Over time, Pauley hopes to test his talents and become more skilled with this new medium.

Besides his shop and painting, Pauley specializes in body modifications, such as tongue splitting and implants, along with being a collector of preserved body parts such as fetuses and brains.



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