Arts & Entertainment

Blue Blood Vapor Lounge to host open art and performance exhibition

By Gabrielle Smith
Arts & Entertainment Editor

This upcoming Saturday, March 31, Kutztown’s local vape shop Blue Blood Vapor Lounge will be hosting a free event called “Clouded Minds: An Open Art and Performance Exhibition.” Hosted by Alex Corson and Joy Fisher, performers and artists are welcome to attend and display their artwork as well as perform at an open mic.

This event is not limited to students, anybody is encouraged to attend and contribute.  The goal is to bring together a community of people who are looking for a place to hang out and bond over their common interest in art and music.

The owner of the location, Jeremy Pauley, is an artist himself, who was mentioned in our previous issue for his intriguing and unusual blood paintings. Pauley was very open to supporting this event and hosting it at his shop. Attendees may be able to see one of his blood paintings for themselves if there are any available for display, which is definitely a unique experience.

The event will be running from 5-8 p.m. and is located at 15 East Main Street. Artists who are interested in displaying their work should keep in mind that their pieces can be no bigger than 11.5” x 14” and they will need to provide their own tools to hang artwork; Command strips are recommended.

Musicians who are interested in performing are required to bring their own instruments. Anyone who is planning on bringing a non-acoustic instrument will need to be cautious of the noise limit since the building is connected to others with residents.

All participants need to arrive before 4:30 p.m. for set up and to pick a performance time.

Wall space and open mic slots are still available. For anyone interested please contact either Alex Corson by phone at (215)-847-6774 or Joy Fisher by email at

This could possibly turn into a reoccurring event if the first one is a success but the turnout and overall event success will be a determining factor. So come out, show your support, meet new people, chill out with a cup of free coffee and most importantly, enjoy yourself.