By Trevor Arnold
Circulation Manager

As it prepares to celebrate a milestone at the university, KU’s electronic media department is undergoing a name change. Students enrolled in the department will now be known as cinema, television and media production majors.

The name change reflects a sense of confusion from incoming students, according to Cara Cotellese, professor and chair of the electronic media department.

“It is a broad category with no real explanation,” said Cotellese. “We thought changing our name would make it more clear to prospective students who are looking to get into the cinema and television industry.”

Some students find the department’s new name a bit long, but understand the reasons behind making the change.

“The new name is a bit of a mouthful, but it’s more specific to what we do,” said Nadia Marblestone, junior electronic media major. “I will miss saying ‘EM,’ though.”

Despite the new name being approved by KU’s curriculum committee and announced in January, the department of cinema, television and media production will not be considered a part of the university until July.

Cotellese said, “Incoming freshman will be the first ones to actually have it on their transcripts.”
Faculty within the department hope that the revamped major name will be more of a reflection of the career skills they instill in their students.

“Our major teaches storytelling using the tools of cinema and video,” said Cotellese. “We have been teaching that for many years, but we have now decided to be more clear by changing our name.”


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