Pro-Life messages erased by KU officials

Students for Life chapter loses free-speech

By Amanda Sura
Assistant Opinions Editor


On March 1, KU officials removed pro-life chalk messages, written by KU’s Students for Life chapter, violating constitutionally protected free-speech rights.

On National Pro-Life Chalk Day, Students for Life displayed pro-life messages across campus sidewalks and walkways. However, the following day the messages were erased. When asked, officials claimed that they were “following orders.”

“University officials can’t chalk up their censorship to ‘following orders’ to enforce an unconstitutional campus policy,” according to the Alliance Defending Freedom’s (ADF) press release.

Acting on behalf of the Students for Life chapter, ADF, the non-profit legal organization, sent a letter to KU’s president condemning the free-speech violation and to seek reparations.

The letter states that KU’s Guidelines for writing chalk messages are unconstitutional because it favors selective viewpoints while others are banned.

In the letter, it asks that the university make amends to the KUP’s Students for Life chapter. The university has been asked to make a campus-wide statement condemning the eradication of the pro-life messages, revise its guidelines to “remove all content and view-point based restrictions,” and for all personnel responsible in the matter attend a seminar about the First Amendment.

If not, the letter warns, “[Students for Life] will be forced to consider other alternatives for protecting their rights.”

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