McGregor’s Style cannot transition into the ring

By Kyle Mcdonnell
Contributing Writer

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From unpopular to the fastest growing sport in its 20 years of existence, the Ultimate Fighting Championship now has the same amount of buildup as boxing, thanks to fighters like Conor McGregor.


This popularity has caused a growing amount of hype toward McGregor from other athletes, such as boxing’s Floyd Mayweather due to the smack talk from Mayweather on Twitter saying he would destroy McGregor in a boxing match.


Talks about a Mayweather vs. McGregor fight could be in the near future. If these two fighters, best in their respective sports, were to compete in a boxing match, I predict Mayweather would knock McGregor out within the first two rounds.


The two sports have some similarities such as the ability to punch, but are also incomparable due to the differences in technique and style, making it very difficult for McGregor to transition over to a fist-only bout.


In the boxing ring, fighters may only punch. While in the cage, UFC fighters are able to kick, knee, tackle and punch their opponents. Because of this, the UFC has acquired many different styles. Boxing only has a couple different techniques that are nowhere near as versatile as the UFC’s.


This is a boxing match, with boxing rules, with Mayweather being the best boxer in the world. Floyd has toned and perfected every aspect of his boxing style, leaving McGregor the less experienced fighter which will be very costly in this fight.


Joe Rogan from said, “Floyd Mayweather would beat the (expletive) out of McGregor. He is the best boxer ever.”

If the fight were in UFC standards, it would be completely different, leaving McGregor victorious. McGregor is a 28-year-old with passion, drive and young blood, Mayweather is a retired 39-year-old who has had a fight maybe once a year for the past four years. In a sport such as the UFC, McGregor is the high favorite, with many different techniques longer reach and younger age.


Rogan said, “If McGregor took Mayweather to the UFC, Conor would cave his (expletive) face in or choke him or break his arm if Conor were to get Floyd on the ground.”

2 responses to “Prediction: Mayweather will crush McGregor on boxing stage”

  1. Mayweather is good, but not the best boxer ever, If he dad a good knockout punch he would be rated higher than he is. Guys like Sugar Ray Leonard were undoubtedly better. Sugar cleaned house on both Floyd’s dad and his uncle. Mayweather exists as a very good fighter in a world where there is not a ton of boxers out there, not at all like in the 70’s and 80’s.

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