Air quality inspection completed at Lytle Hall

Complete replacement of Lytle Hall in the works

By Jillian Baker
News Editor

Lytle Tile

Ceiling tile from room 104 in Lytle Hall – Photo courtesy of Michael Gambone


KU commissioned an environmental consulting firm to perform air quality tests and an inspection of the facility and have started the planning of a complete replacement of Lytle Hall.

According to an announcement made by Jerry Silberman, vice president for administration & finance, “The consultants reported that ‘the observed conditions potentially affecting air quality in Lytle Hall based on this limited (primarily visual) inspection were relatively minor with a few issues that should be addressable.’”

The announcement provided links for students to see the report. It was collected on Feb. 16 and was analyzed on Feb. 17. The report showed that Cladosporium, the most common indoor and outdoor mold, was reported most frequently.

Currently, KU’s facilities department is in the process of addressing the issues that have been identified.

The HVAC replacement project is still scheduled for this summer. The project was revised at $1.762 million and will be taken to the Council of Trustees for approval this month. The HVAC repairs can alleviate problems with moisture and humidity.

The budget for the replacement project is $22 million and would be funded by state capital and university funds.

In the past, there have been plans to replace Lytle Hall. According to records of the local meet and discuss group, provided by Michael Gambone, a KU history professor, in 2011-12 there was a budget set for $21,214.07. According to the records, “The current facility is beyond its life cycle renewal period.” However, plans were canceled due to funding.

Gambone said, “Every time Harrisburg cuts our budget, it cuts the resources we have. The buildings get older, but there are fewer resources to deal with it.” Gambone said that Lytle Hall is the poster child for state funding cuts.

Contact Terry Brown, assistant vice president for facilities maintenance & construction, with any questions or comments regarding the consultant’s report.