Graduate appears in season opening

By Andrew Kutzer

KU alum Kyle Klaus appeared on Showtime’s series “Homeland” on Jan. 15. Klaus played a part in the sixth season’s opening episode.

Homeland’s sixth season picks up after an attempted terrorist attack in Berlin. The setting will take place after the inauguration of a new president. He played as a member of a tactical squad. The episode is titled ‘Fair Game,’ according to Klaus’s public relations company, Spotlight PR.

“I felt extremely honored to be working on such a highly acclaimed series with this talented cast and crew,” said Klaus, in the release. “And, finally all those years learning the proper use of firearms, from my father, growing up in Pennsylvania, have paid off.”

The show follows Carrie Mathison, played by Claire Danes, as she returns to NYC. Mathison begins working at a Muslim advocacy foundation after the failed attack on Berlin.

Klaus has appeared in the movie “My Bakery in Brooklyn” that was shown at the Cannes Festival in 2016 and “All That Remains,” following a World War II veteran suffering from dementia.

He has appeared on two other Showtime series: “Billions” and “Silicon Valley.” Klaus, a Pottstown native, graduated from KU in 2005 with bachelor’s degrees in political science and electronic media.


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