GameStop Informant: Beyond the Console

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By Levana Lowenhart

The Nintendo Entertainment System, NES, was originally released in 1985, and has now made a huge comeback with the Nintendo Classic NES Mini pre-loaded with 30 of the original games.

The NES Mini is an exact replica of the original except that it comes with a few upgrades— an HDMI cord, it fits on the palm of your hand and has three different ways to play.

With vintage gaming coming back into light the NES Mini was in high demand for the 2016 holiday season. With the price set at $59.99, people have been looking to pick up a little bitthumbnail_game-stop-informant of nostalgia.

Yet, with the massive hype about the mini console, it appeared that there was a massive shortage of them. Many people were unable to pre-order the console, as GameStop would not allow the pre-order.

Two weeks after sending out the first round of console shipments, another shipment was sent, then some places would receive about four to five consoles.

Though it was one of the most sought-after consoles of the season, Nyko and Nintendo made a grave mistake by not manufacturing enough.

A couple weeks into the December holiday rush, there was an announcement that the consoles would stop production this January.

On Jan. 14 an announcement was made stating that Nyko and Nintendo will be circulating one last round of the system, though there has been no set date for the re-release of the console.

February is looking like a loving month for more of the nostalgia train, let’s hope it leaves the station on time before Valentine’s Day.

Now it is time for us gamers to play the waiting game.

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