Alt-right recruitment posters emerge at KU

By Justin Sweitzer

Identity Evropa Poster Pic - Photo by Justin Sweitzer (1)

Identity Evropa poster – Photo by Justin Sweitzer, The Keystone

Posters promoting the alt-right organization Identity Evropa have surfaced at various locations around KU looking to recruit members for their organization, which has been associated with white nationalist principles.

The group openly opposes immigration and the diversification of society. Founder Nathan Damigo, stated on the organization’s official site, “Humans are not universally interchangeable creatures that can be mixed together at a whim and expected to function harmoniously.”

Posters featuring famous European sculptures were posted to various structures at KU, including walls and bulletin boards, displaying slogans such as “Protect Your Heritage,” “Let’s Become Great Again” and “Serve Your People.”

Identity Evropa posted pictures on their Twitter account on Tuesday, Feb. 7 showing the numerous locations at KU where these posters and stickers were placed to promote their #ProjectSiege campaign. According to Damigo, the campaign is dedicated to beginning the “long term cultural war of attrition” against academia’s “cultural Marxist narrative.”

The description on the organization’s official Facebook page describes the group as an “identitarian organization dedicated to promoting the interests of People of European Heritage.”

President Kenneth Hawkinson, released a statement to KU students and faculty on Wednesday, Feb. 8, saying that while the university is limited with what action can be taken due to free speech rights, the university will continue to provide a safe environment for all students.

“While we must keep in mind that all individuals have the right to free speech on our campus, our university rejects all forms of racism, bigotry and discrimination,” Hawkinson said. “KU highly values and respects all campus constituents and celebrates diversity. We will continue to advocate for an environment wherein all those associated with our university can feel valued and safe.”

Identity Evropa frequently posts videos and stories on their website featuring National Policy Institute President, Richard Spencer, who is also a founder of the alt-right movement and a self-proclaimed white nationalist.

However, Identity Evropa declined to use the term “white nationalist” when asked for comments via social media, with the unnamed-representative instead directing questions about the group’s mission and focus to their website’s description.

It is not known whether the posters were put up by a KU student, or by one of the organization’s activists, but the majority of the posters have since been taken down.

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  1. As a university Alumni, this is embarrassing. Search for Adam LaDuca in your 2006 archives and see why this rhetoric is so toxic.

  2. If there are no actual discriminatory wording or hateful rhetoric on the posters do you still take them down with the belief they come from “white supremacists”