Designated smoking areas built on campus

Rickenbach Learning Center and Boehm Science Center designated smoke spots

By Jillian Baker

KU created two designated smoking areas on campus at the Rickenbach Learning Center and Boehm Science Center.

According to an email sent out by KU, “[The designated smoking areas] have the intent to prevent or minimalize exposure of building occupants, indoor surfaces and ventilation air distribution systems to environmental tobacco smoke.”

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental design made recommendations, which resulted in the creation of these areas. According to the email, “LEED recommendations prohibit smoking within 25 feet of entries, outdoor air intakes and operable windows.”

Zachary Goren a junior sports management major, said, “I think that the university should accommodate for students and it makes sense to have those designated areas.”

“Throughout my years I’ve noticed there are benches and tables closer than 25 feet to the entrance of buildings which people smoke at and the rule hasn’t been enforced.”

“The new locations are next to or attached to the buildings, so the policy of 25 feet is confusing,” he said.

The designated area for Rickenbach is on the west side of the building with a canopy mounted to the wall for shelter.

The Boehm smoking area is on the south side of the building on the balcony above the loading dock.

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