Bright new venue highlights familiar Spuds attitude

Facilities upgraded, menu remains the same

By Samantha Paine


New Spuds sign juts out from building, increasing visibility – Photo by Amanda Sergeyev, The Keystone

For those that keep up with the local attractions, Spuds moving to a new location was a fairly big deal. The restaurant is loved around campus, and by visitors alike, providing many options that aren’t seen elsewhere on Main Street. Naturally, this announcement raised some eyebrows in curiosity.

While the move placed it further from the center of campus, it did not seem to inhibit the amount of customers Spuds received. If anything, it gave them more visibility as a business.

The building itself is much more apparent and stands out from its surrounding competition, and the bright lighting glows through the large glass panes that allow potential patrons to see inside.

The interior is well lit and well spaced, open enough that visitors can easily move about and clearly see the bathroom as well as the kitchen. Stainless steel tables and chairs give it a clean and modern appearance, holding more of an aesthetic appeal for young college students. There is an increased amount of seating and in a larger variety—tables for two, several or even larger groups are available.

Olivia Sun, a sophomore at KU and frequenter of Spuds, expressed her approval for the move. When asked why she preferred the present locale, she responded saying, “The inside is so much more spacious than it used to be, the whole attitude of the place is nicer, and I think it’s a lot easier to find.”

This seems to express the general feeling among most KU students. The only seemingly negative aspect is that it is a further walk from campus.

However, the pros far outweigh the extra distance in comparison to the previous location.

The old Spuds building was dark, and sunk into the rest of Main Street. When inside, the area was smaller, with fewer options for seating and seemed somewhat worn out. It did not feel nearly as contemporary or as clean as its current status.

Another upside, business seems to be doing even better than before. When asked what his opinion was on the new place, Shiv Patel, KU senior and employee at Spuds, said, “I like this Spuds better because there are more customers and it’s a better location.”

He also stated that they receive less late-night troublesome visitors that are, no doubt, overflow from parties. Understandably, this is a positive development for the sake of other patrons.

Spuds is currently just as well-loved, if not more so, in the community. Customers continue to frequent this hot-spot for their potato-centric menu and wide variety of options. Now, more people stay to enjoy the social draw of the updated business itself.

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