Hawkinsons open gallery in presidential home

By Emily Crane

President Kenneth Hawkinson and his wife, Ann Marie Hawkinson, have opened a gallery and library in the president’s house across the street from Stratton Administration Center. Displays include books and artwork created by faculty and students.

“We had a lot of space in our house when we moved in,” President Hawkinson said. “So we put our personal belongings on the second and third floor and made the first floor into a University Residence.”

The gallery began in late October. The Hawkinsons put out a call to faculty and students through a speech, email and other messages to send in any art that they had available. Ann Marie Hawkinson’s background in Art Education made her the curator.

“We thought it would be great to live with original art and share what happens on campus, along with the art programs,” Ann Marie Hawkinson said.

The gallery is not open for walk-ins, but anybody can visit by appointment. In order to schedule one, a person would only have to email the president’s office and ask about it.

It is also open any time the president hosts a university event inside of his home. One such event is the Holiday Home Tour on Sunday, December 4th. The Hawkinson’s home will be a part of the tour from 12:30 to 4 p.m.

The exhibits in the gallery are going to be changed every academic year, and some will be replaced whenever the artist wants them back. Meanwhile, any faculty that wants a Capture.PNGpublication in the gallery or anyone that wants to show their art need only email the Hawkinsons if they are interested at

“We have 60 out of 70 publications from our faculty, and are always looking for more artwork,” Ann Marie Hawkinson said.

This is a sculpture by sophomore Colleen Harkins. Ann Marie Hawkinson saw it and thought that they needed more 3-dimensional pieces in the gallery. She contacted Harkins’ professor to ask permission to put it in the gallery.

Another is this table runner created by senior Sara Savage, who was paid $200 to make it. Resting on top is a piece of glassware by President Heather L.R. Fountain, an Associate Professor at KU.

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