Profile: Student balances activities both on and off campus

Biggest struggle for Bender is time management

By Brianna Griffiths

Phoebe Victoria Bender, 19, balances her role as a full-time student while participating in numerous clubs, student teaching at Northwest Elementary School, working at an art studio, babysitting the two daughters of a KU professor and being an entrepreneur photographer.

Bender is from Lancaster County, where she attended Manheim Central High School. Originally, she wanted to go Temple University, but chose KU instead. She is happy with her decision and said KU is a good fit for her.

Capture.PNG“It’s a small enough school that I can really feel connected to people here, but it is also big enough that I feel I can still network well.”

Bender is in KU’s art education program. She has always been eager to learn about art, so she wants to show her appreciation by teaching it to children.

Before she goes into education, she’s thinking about joining the Peace Corps with her boyfriend. She said that he has made her think about her own impact on the world that she may have never seen if it weren’t for meeting him.

Her current involvement at KU is extensive. She is involved in the environmental action club, the National Art Education Association, she’s treasurer of Kutztown outdoors club and is president for KU vegetarian education group.

Recently she’s been working on a project that involves creating a pollinator at the German Heritage

Center with Kutztown Thriving, a subcommittee of Kutztown Community Partnership. The project, coordinated by Dr. Underwood, was to build a native plant pollinator garden in order to attract and support monarch butterflies and other pollinators.

Bender has even made monarch-related artwork that she then sold in order to raise money for this project.

Due to her extensive involvement, her biggest struggle has been time management. She said, “It’s cool because I get to do a lot of things, but often I am not doing those things as well as I could be.”

Despite that struggle, she has made many treasured memories as a result. Bender said that her best memories are those from the outdoors club, especially their camping trip in Tennessee. It rained the whole time and they all still managed to have a blast. Although the trip was only a week, Bender said that she met so many unforgettable people throughout that time.

She wants to remain passionate in her work and continue managing the many tasks she takes on, both on and off campus.

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