SoFit Studio: great place for college students to decompress

Trainers offer sessions and advice on positive body image

By Alexis Bleam

reside within a nation that seems to be split and far from united. But there’s hope to be found.

Fear not, collegiate, staffer and faculty member—we’re here for you.

Enter SoFit, a fitness studio located in Reading, Pa. Their knowledgeable staff of trainers becomes not only your team but also your family away from home, which energetically enhances your life mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Upon entering, you will be warmly and enthusiastically greeted by their staff, which embodies this concept of culture and unity. Two of which include owner and operator, Cashmere Banks, 29, and his friend and colleague, Jeffery Dorestant, 27.

screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-12-03-10-pm“Average gyms focus on losing weight, but we’re also here to promote longevity, knowledge and support,” said Dorestant. He notes that the SoFit staff will push you, but do so while maintaining the morals and ethics behind what he calls the SoFit culture—helping one another to break barriers and surpass goals through togetherness and teamsmanship.

The harmony and bonds created between trainees with fellow trainees and trainers with trainees is powerful, according to Dorestant. He is not new to the compassionate connection built between a trainer and trainee. In the past, he has helped to rehabilitate people with torn ACL and MCL injuries, some of the most common and dreaded injuries in athletes.

“I have people I trained over three years ago that still contact me, thanking me for helping them. That’s powerful,” he said.

Additionally, Banks has altered many lives for his trainees as well. One of these trainees is a warmhearted, older gentleman by the name of Arch, who I got the pleasure of meeting.

Daniela Mota, a hardworking and dedicated trainee of SoFit, avows that Banks, Dorestant and the rest of the staff are, “more than coaches; they are my friends that push me to the maximum to give more than I think I can give.”

This idea of family, or familial love, is something that Dorestant notes is another key ingredient to SoFit’s culture. He said, “We promote [our trainees] to take risks. When we find someone’s fear, and we push them to thrive, they defeat that fear with love and support. A great educator is when you take and bring out what is already there, that ‘warrior spirit,’ so you can be like, ‘Oh my gosh, I did this?’”

“Easy work,” is one of SoFit’s favorite idioms. If you work hard enough, that which once seemed impossible will become not just possible, but easy.

“We help people find their purpose [by taking] time for themselves [and] separating stress factors from themselves in a positive environment,” said Dorestant. “That helps you with time management, that helps you focus. What you think you need an hour or two for, we can get you in 30 to 45 minutes.”

This resonates within the daily activities of tests, papers, schoolwork, grading and overall obstacles faced throughout the student life. These hitches of time and stress are some of most significant reasons for hiring a trainer.

If you can give a small amount of your day to a trainer, one to three times a week, you’ll not only benefit for the moment, but for a lifetime through learning how to manage your daily duties and health. “It’s a doctor’s visit,” said Dorestant.

You get a routine office visit in a fun environment with someone who has your goals, dreams and fears in check, along with a healthcare plan that includes nutritional support.

It only costs you the price of a dinner out or a large pizza. Now that’s an affordable care act.

Group Training times are: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 a.m., 9:30 a.m., and 6:30 p.m. The last week of Group Training will be on December 12 and 15.

A new, 12-week program, which will incorporate endurance, strength and conditioning, will begin after the new year. Banks and the whole team invites everyone out to experience what makes their culture and unity so powerful, supportive, unique and so you—SoFit.

Their address is 100 North Carroll St., Reading Pa. 19611, or find them on Facebook at “CashSoFit” and “So Fit.”

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