Students experiment with make-up trend

By Jecee Gosman

Students at KU are contributing to a make-up trend called contouring. Students say that this technique is an overall more flattering way of doing your make up.

This trend used to be reserved for celebrities and super models, however since popular fashion icons such as the Kardashians have publicized it, the people are making it their own.


Photo from vogue.com

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever discovered as far as make up goes,” said KU junior, Savannah Conroy. “I see a significant difference in photos of myself, contouring makes for a much more flattering picture, I feel like it makes my face look slimmer.”

This make-up approach involves two main steps: applying light and dark tones to different areas of your face. These steps are called highlighting and contouring.

The contouring technique uses darker tones diagonally across your cheeks and around your forehead to bring definition to your cheek bones and shape of your face.

The highlighting effect involves using a lighter shade underneath your eyes and other areas, to create a natural looking glow.

Alex Golden, a beauty specialist at Sephora, a make-up store, said that contouring kits are what she sees sell the most.

“People come in all the time and ask to be shown how to contour,” said Golden. At Sephora, beauty specialists do the clients make up for them if they are interested in trying new products.

Many brands sell ‘contour pallets’ which contain powder pallets of light and dark shades, so the components they need are all in one pallet. These pallets can be sold at most beauty or convenience stores for $15 up to almost $100; depending on the brand.

According to KU students, the process is not as easy as it may appear.

“It’s a little tough because you need to use darker shades than your normal skin tone, but you don’t want it to be too dramatically dark because you don’t want to look scary” said KU junior Ashley Spahn.

Another aspect of contouring involves different styles of make-up brushes. Golden tells us that for the highlighting part, beauty specialists advise using a ‘highlight fan brush’, but while contouring, they suggest an ‘angled face brush’.

She continues to tell us, “These brushes help keep everything in line and in its place, because this technique is all about having these features stand out, so you don’t want everything to blend together which is what the average brushes are for.”

Golden says after purchasing an average contour pallet and appropriate brushes, it’ll cost the average person around $55 to complete the look.

Spahn says she thinks it is worth the money because “it’s just to emphasize features, so it lasts a while. And the results are great.”

In fact, people love the results so much, that they are beginning to contour other parts of their body to get the same appealing look in other places.

“I’ve seen videos of people contouring their legs and chest. One day my roommate tried it on her chest and it actually looked really good!” said Conroy.

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