Replacement speaks for Kevin Hines

By Jesse Warner

Many people tend to forget that mental health is equally as important as physical health. Kevin Hines knows this well. Hines is a suicide attempt survivor. The Health and Wellness Center and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention sponsored a packed crowd in 145 Boehm for the Kevin Hines Story on Tuesday, September 20.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Hines could not attend, but left “mind warrior” Greg van Borssum to speak in his place.

Borssum’s path from being a troubled teenager to being a serial success story was truly inspirational. His secret to achievement is pushing through the darkness when life got him down. From being an award-winning bodybuilder to working on films such as Mad Max and Happy Feet, to teaching children martial arts in his studio, he showed that there is nothing that is impossible.

Throughout his lifetime, he lost over ten family members and friends to suicide. He recalled a story from working at a construction site when a co-worker and friend fell to his death. Borssum decided that he had enough of witnessing numerous suicides. He asked his co-workers to be honest with him, and it turned out that there were a number of others who were having the same thoughts.

During the conversation, he stressed that choosing life is most important, and getting help is not to be frowned upon.

Borssum admitted to not seeking help due to the stigma that surrounds men asking for support.

Borssum believes that a champion mindset can help others survive in the ways that it helps him. “Mom taught me to be a dreamer, and I always wanted to be a dreamer,” he said.

Along with sharing his story around the world, he spreads his message around the local community in which he teaches martial arts to children for free. The struggling area around him, he hopes, will find a purpose in life.

The third annual “Out of the Darkness Walk” was promoted at the event through distribution of free tee shirts and flyers.

The walk will take place on April 30, 2017. Register online at http://www.afscampuswalks.org or in person on the day of the walk. The event is sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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