MTV’s Wild ‘N’ Out brings music-infused humor to KU

By Gabriela Laracca


On Wednesday, August 31, ACE hosted MTV’s “Wild N’ Out’s” very own Rip Michaels, Jacob Williams and Karlous Miller. At 7 p.m., Schaeffer Auditorium erupted with hilariously crude, sexual and controversial humor causing both audience members and comedians to laugh the night away.

The act started with Michaels’ specialty hype-up. Calling out specific audience members on various stereotypes, Michaels’ insult and music-infused humor slayed attendees. He even kept the DJ involved by having him play Hannah Montana for the “white girls.”

Following Michaels, Williams was next on stage. Michaels’ and Williams’ humor goes beyond being polar opposites. While Michaels’ act was based on insult-humor and hype up, Williams’ jokes took a much more self-depreciating turn. With joke topics ranging from his sex life, his awkwardness and his odd interests, the inner self-loathing individual inside all of us could relate.

KU junior Mark Weaver appreciated the honest awkward humor; his favorite joke was Williams’ self-loathing comparison between his poor sex life and the Olympics- as only happening every four years.

Next up was Miller. Miller’s humor was heavily reliant on marijuana smoking, sex and college life.

He involved the audience with more insult-humor and even took some jabs from the audience himself. While one would expect the sexual and drug-infused punch lines to be uncomfortable, it actually had the audience in stitches.

“It was interesting to see the whole crew come out here and involve everyone,” said KU junior Isaac Perez. “These guys were out there and willing to have a ball.”

One of the last things the crew did was invite audience members on stage for what they call ‘The Family Reunion,’ which is basically a rap battle between audience members to introduce each other in an insulting or amusing way.

Of course, everything said was in the name of good fun.

Williams took a turn in family reunion by telling KU’s very own Stizzy Gets Busy that he dressed like a napkin because of his plaid button up.

“It was freaking hilarious,” said singer and KU junior Tana Acosta who was involved in ‘The Family Reunion’ battle. “I wasn’t expecting it to be like that, but I had a good time.”

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