Connections introduces new freshmen

By Amanda Sergeyev

2 Connections Photo.jpg

KU’s Connections student orientation program welcomed over 1000 students throughout the summer.

Connections is a one-day orientation program where students have the opportunity to attend one of 14 cycles. There are also two orientations offered in July and August.

During orientation, new students have the opportunity to attend sessions where they learn information pertaining to their meal plan, safety on campus and academics.

Each student is put into a group and is guided throughout the orientation by two facilitators. This year, students were randomly put into 11 groups, each guided by two student facilitators.

Freshman Joey Fisher of Middletown, Delaware said, “It’s a great way to get introduced into the campus.” Fisher said, “I really enjoyed the enthusiasm our facilitators had.”

Students had the opportunity to not only meet other incoming freshmen, but also connect and ask questions.

Freshman Joseph Thatcher from Charleston, South Carolina, said, “It’s a good way to meet people and [boost] school spirit.”

Freshman, Rebecca Dray of Macungie, Pennsylvania said, “I love how outgoing everybody is. I feel already at home.”

Technical program coordinator, senior, Rachael Wolfe said, “Connections provides a unique opportunity for students because it’s the first time they are all coming together from different towns, states, backgrounds and cultures. This is an awesome way to celebrate their diversity and have an insight about attending Kutztown University for the next four years.”

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