Students elect new student government board for 2016-2017

By Gabrielle Garza

Student Government Board’s nominations, elections and opinion polls came to an end on April 8.

Elections were held for president, vice president, secretary and treasurer on April 19.

SGB announced and welcomed the new members on the board from the college of education, liberal arts and sciences, visual and performing arts and business

“I am really excited to get involved with SGB because next semester I will be a senior and this will be my last chance. I plan on helping as much as I can and to be a part of the decision making process to the better the university,” said Sage Gerhart.

According to current president, Joe Scoboria, 14 of the board members are graduating and 14 newly elected students were elected for next semester.

“I am surprised and honored to present the class of visual and performing arts,” said George Fladeland, a new board member. “I am excited to get to experience being on SGB and become more involved.”

Sophomore Molly Gallagher was elected SGB president for the 2016-17 academic year.

“I will be a strong leader that this board needs in order to make a change and I am prepared. I will make important decisions for the board and carry the title-ship with respect. I want to use my skills to better the Kutztown campus overall,” said Gallagher.

Maria Sunick was elected vice president, running against Nykolai Blichar. Sunick also won the student opinion poll for the position.

“SGB is my passion. I have proof that I have the ability to be your vice president. I have always wanted to step into former vice president Tessa Patton’s shoes because I look up to her and I am very approachable for this position,” said Sunick.

After Alyssa Blasko’s resignation from the secretary position, Kayla Hudak was elected for the remaining meetings. She also won the position for the next academic year. Johan Van Wyk was elected as the new treasurer and Alicia Miller was elected parliamentarian.

Four seats will be re-elected after SGB ruled the election for the college of education invalid.

A second election for the college will be held April 21 to the 26.

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