‘Shoofly Literary Magazine’ to be released

By Julian Ruiz

‘Shoofly Literary Magazine’ is set to release on April 28. A launch party will be held at 6:45 p.m. in MSU 250.

The KU jazz musicians will be performing at the event, followed by readings of certain pieces featured in the magazine. Light refreshments will also be served.

Founded in 2004 by Dr. Heather Thomas and Professor Karen Blomain, ‘Shoofly Literary Magazine’ is a yearly-published collection of several poems and short fiction, creative non-fiction and drama pieces all written by KU students.

The publication is supervised by KU English professor, Jeffrey Voccola, and the magazine is edited, distributed and managed by students. Voccola, who has been supervisor since 2006, assists with arranging meetings, getting the magazine to print and is a mentor for the staff.

Voccola is extremely excited about the magazine’s upcoming release. “Each year the Shoofly staff puts out a beautiful magazine, and I think we have a particularly impressive issue this year.”

KU sophomore and one of Shoofly’s chief editors, Kimberly Winters, has been working hard on the magazine since the beginning of last semester. Also the head of copy editing, Winters is responsible for coordinating staff meetings, correspondence and submissions.

After seven long months of meetings, fundraisers, readings and dozens of submissions, Winters is proud to see the final draft finally come together. “I’ve walked this book through the process [of going] from a slew of midnight submissions to a shiny-covered, professional magazine.”

With more than 10 years of professionally published, student-written and edited magazines released, ‘Shoofly Literary Magazine’ is a great outlet and starting point for writers looking to get their work published.

For more information or questions regarding submissions, contact Shoofly directly at shoofly@kutztown.edu. The Shoofly staff would like to thank the English Department for all of their generous contributions.

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