Kutztown based brewing company opens new gastropub

By Hailee Cruz

Saucony Creek Brewing Company, product of Matt Lindenmuth, a former X Games and action sports professional from Kutztown, opened a new gastropub last month.

In 2013, Lindenmuth opened the business, taking his hobby of home brewing and turning it into a career. Master Brewer Nick Micio undertook brewing operations in fall of 2014. After distributing craft beer for three years, the company decided to open a pub and sell them on tap.

At the time, township laws required pubs to sell food as well. Thus, Saucony Creek Brewing Co. began planning for a restaurant and in the process, the law changed. Although the kitchen was no longer necessary, they went ahead and opened the gastropub anyway.

Lindenmuth said he is happy about the unexpected agenda change. He hired Tim Howells as his executive chef, who created the gastropub menu. It features ingredients sourced from local farms.

The brewery and pub are located at 15032 Kutztown Rd. at a former Chevrolet dealership. After a soft opening period starting Valentine’s Day, SCBC had a grand opening party on March 5. Lindenmuth said there were over 2,000 people who attended for the live music, BMX show and release of their Great American Beer Festival gold medal winner, Peach & Ginger Saison, from the xReserve Series.

“It went smoothly. Nothing blew up. It was a pretty sweet way to say we’re here,” said Lindenmuth.

The company acclaims to be an “adventurous” and “forward-thinking” craft brewery and gastropub, which Lindenmuth explained as being open-minded and progressive by collaborating with his peers and always thinking ahead. After traveling for 17 years as an extreme sports athlete, he is accustomed to the thrill of learning a new trick and being the first to do something.

Lindenmuth said his plans for an outdoor patio have been approved and he hopes to break ground soon so it can be completed by this summer. He also said they’ve been considering adding a wine license to the pub for those who haven’t developed their beer

pallet yet.

Matt Williams, a 22-year-old KU senior, said he has been to the gastropub about a half dozen times. “The atmosphere is relaxing, friendly and personal. The clientele is diverse in gender and age,” said Williams. His top two favorite SCBC beers are the Hop Suplex and Imperial Coffee Stout. He said he really likes the food as well, especially the Saucony Melt.

Monday through Friday from 4-6 p.m., the pub offers one dollar off drafts for happy hour. The pub holds trivia night on Tuesdays from 7-10 p.m and the top two teams receive gift cards to SCBC.

According to Lindenmuth, Saucony Creek Brewing Co. is a member of the Schuylkill Action Network, an organization dedicated to protecting drinking water sources. SCBC donates a portion of proceeds from its Stonefly IPA to the Schuylkill River Watershed Restoration Fund. The efforts aid in keeping Kutztown’s Saucony Creek healthy.

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