‘The Easily Fooled’ launches first album

By Gabriela Laracca

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‘The Easily Fooled,’ a local band, released their new album, ‘Just Trust Me,’ on Feb. 20. The band is comprised of KU seniors Tyler Wells on vocals and guitar and Tucker Butler on drums. Both students are graduating this May- Wells with a degree in professional writing and Butler with a degree in electronic media.

The band was first formed in May 2015 after the members played a casual show at a birthday party for one of their friends. After that moment, the band decided writing and producing music together is what they were meant to do.

Featuring favorite such as ‘Post Cards’ and ‘Break/Bend,’ ‘Just Trust Me’ is an album that needs to be added to the shelves of all indie-rock fans. Many of the songs are based on relationships and heartbreak with truly relatable and emotional lyrics.

According to Wells, if you want relatable music, ‘Just Trust Me’ is definitely the album to go with.

Aside from emotional material, ‘Just Trust Me’ also features a bit of the band’s humorous side. ‘Debby,’ the first track on the album, seems to be inspired by heartbreak and an unfaithful relationship, but it is actually secretly about Wells’ favorite guitar. Wells named his favorite instrument Debby when he was 10 years old and the name just stuck.

The song was the product of a free-style drum beat created by Butler with adlibbed lyrics created by Wells one time when they were hanging out together.

“That song was not written about anyone,” said Wells. “It kind of just happened.”

The band is selling albums at local music store, Young Ones, as well as on the popular music-streaming website, Band Camp.

The band’s album can be accessed at for $5. The album is also being sold in person by the band through physical copy.

The band wants potential buyers to know that if a digital copy is purchased, the band will give them a physical copy for $3. The album is also planned to be on Spotify in the near future.

Butler advises those who wish to pursue music to keep practicing and keep playing around. “The more you practice, the better you get. The more shows you play, the more you get your name out there.” He also advises musicians to “Keep aspiring to be the best band you can be.”

Wells wants aspiring musicians to “Do it because you want to. Don’t do it for other reasons, do it because you want to make people happy and play music for people.”

For more information on the band and show dates, contact Wells and Butler on their Facebook page,

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