Jodi Bogert

Picture this: millions of parents and their children sitting in theaters around the world to see the new superhero, Deadpool. The kids are covering their eyes while sneaking a peek or two. Mom has steam coming out of her ears and dad is rubbing his temples. Luckily the AMC Theater has a bar now. Apparently, they never read the publicly released letter on Twitter from Mr.Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) himself. The letter stated that just because the film is a superhero movie does not mean it is for kids. Then again, when was the last time a superhero movie actually was marketed toward kids? Wolverine’s steaminess and Iron Man’s lifestyle choices hardly deserve a PG rating. It is marketed for a moody teenager or mom, more than anything.

Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), is a mercenary, or a bad guy who takes out horrible bad guys.

One night, he meets a female escort, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), and the two really hit it off. Everything is lovely until he is diagnosed with cancer. Wade believes all hope is lost, but he learns about a miracle cure from a doctor named Francis Freeman, aka Ajax (Ed Skrein). He claims that he can cure Wade’s cancer, and give him superpowers as well. Wade agrees and goes through torturous treatments. The cancer is contained and he can never be physically harmed. Unfortunately, his appearance is destroyed from the toxicity of the remaining cancer cells. They do not feed on his organs, just his face. Plus, Ajax intended for Wade to be sold as a super-slave on the black market. After escaping, he sees how much his appearance has changed and decides to leave Vanessa, letting her to remember him as he was. Wade vows revenge on Ajax and becomes Deadpool, taking out all of Ajax’s followers until he finds him. And for the last time, he refuses to be a part of X-Men!

The thing that makes Deadpool stand out is his infectious personality. For better and for worse, he is kind of a child. He left Vanessa all because of his face; that doesn’t sound narcissistic at all. I am pretty sure that she would still love him. At least he is self-aware enough to admit that he is not a hero; he said, “I may be super, but I am no hero.” Deadpool may be horrible in a lot of ways, but he is likable and really funny. Dare I say it, he can be relatable. He shows vulnerability, and most people probably knew a Deadpool once in their life. He is a tool from the past.

Deadpool is a movie that knows the medium and how it is performing in the market. Most cinematic releases these days are, in fact, superhero movies. On the other hand, it

knows that superhero movies are kind of stupid and cliché.

Deadpool avoids the X-Men like he does his problems; it is a parody of the superhero movie. I think that all the goody messages are overused, and Deadpool gives the people what they want: fire, impalement and fornication. I do not really mind this method because it is human nature to want cheap thrills. Regardless, bargain with the kids and take them to see ‘Zootopia’ instead.


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