By Gabriela Laracca

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At the end of this spring semester, an online yearbook will be available to the KU community for free to recap and document this past year’s events and memories. A committee composed of Keystone staff will create and publish this document.

In previous years, before the Keystone started this tradition for the 2014-2015 school year, yearbooks were sold at a high cost most students were unable to afford. “By creating an online yearbook, it will be free to the public,” said Antaneyah Johnson, Editor-in-chief of the Keystone. “Instead of the past years where students had to spend a large amount of money for a book, it could be shared via Facebook, email, etc.”

The committee plans to create the yearbook with a sesquicentennial theme. It will feature photos of on campus groups and sports teams alongside various other recapped memories of this year.

“The goal for creating a yearbook is to produce something tangible, so to speak, to be able to look back on for many years to come,” said Viviana Vidal, Multimedia and Promotions Manager for the Keystone. “It’s an opportunity to highlight all the best things happening at KU during the academic year and be able to share it with others easily.”

The yearbook will also document this year’s important events covered by the Keystone. “It will feature the most important articles of the [2015-2016] school year,” said Cambrea Roy, Graphic Designer for the Keystone.

The committee is still in the process of making final decisions. The yearbook is planned to be a file which could be shared through a link featured on the Keystone’s website like last year’s edition yet other outlets are still being discussed. “The file might stay as a PDF, but we’re still in the process of exploring other online mediums such as Prezi,” said Johnson.

The yearbook will be released in May around finals. It will be publicized via social media and the Keystone’s website. “If this works well, the students will see both their accomplishments and memories in the yearbook,” said Johnson. To access the 2014-2015 edition and for more information on this year’s yearbook visit


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