Keystone Submission 18-MultimediaPhoto and article by Chris Geresi

Mike Reitnour, owner of Kutztown’s Frying Dutchman, is trying to sell the business.

“It’s hard to survive with all the competitors in such a small town,” said Reitnour. “I have tried some new things on and off the menu to help the business but it is difficult to compete with other well-known chains.”

Dunkin Donuts, in particular, has caused The Frying Dutchman to struggle.

Reitnour has been meeting with potential buyers recently and plans to sell when someone fully commits. There has been no talk of a final sale number.

Frying Dutchman has been around Kutztown for roughly four years.

Expanding the menu has been something Reitnour had wanted to do for a long time. Frying Dutchman offers strictly donuts and coffee; however, by adding some additional food and beverage options they could raise demand.

Limited-time flavors are offered to boost activity within the shop. Also, the Frying Dutchman offers a donut eating challenge comprising of a single five-pound donut with a half gallon of milk. These tactics are successful ways Reitnour uses to help increase sales.

“I have been to Frying Dutchman a handful of times; however, I think they need to have promotions to help reel in more customers,” said Benjamin Helmes, a KU senior.  “Having sales and advertising those sales over social media and publicly around town would definitely help.”





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