By Rose Hogan

KU ‘11 psychology graduate, Aaron Fritz of Boyertown, Pa., will soon be celebrating the one-year anniversary of his first EP. “From the Bomb Shelter” is a six-track live album recorded by What’s this? Media. Fritz, 26, is a solo singer/songwriter dudeand guitarist who will share his deeply personal art with the public online on Thursday, Oct. 1.

“I started writing some of the songs in 2009, but I never intended for them to be heard,” said Fritz. He listed artists such as Jackson Browne, James Taylor and The Shins as some of his major influences.

Fritz had family support from an early age. “My mother always supported me to pursue music. She bought me a guitar in the seventh grade, and encouraged me with private lessons in high school,” he said.

Fritz began performing live after graduating from KU in 2011, first at various open mic events and then gradually booking local solo gigs. “Songwriting was always a personal coping mechanism for me, and if my friends and family hadn’t encouraged me to perform, I probably wouldn’t have done it.”

By October of 2014, he had amassed strong support and decided to record his original songs. Now, he occasionally plays at the Kutztown Pub and other nearby venues.

“What had been solely an outlet and source of release has grown into something that can affect not only me, but other people,” he said.

Fritz’s style is marked by expressive reflection on his observations and efforts in love. For instance, in the track “Blue Eyes,” the lyrics read, “There are two extremes, neither true. In between is me and you, and we can be completely on opposite sides, but behind alike blue eyes.”

His music will be posted to, where he plans to list upcoming performances and a link to “From the Bomb Shelter.”

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