By Elizabeth Holland

Larici and Barrinuevo performing the tango.
Larici and Barrinuevo performing the tango.

Premiering just a couple days before Valentine’s Day, “Te Amo, Argentina” will celebrate Argentinian music, dance and culture on Thursday, Feb. 12. Guests will immerse themselves into and experience the passionate Latin music, scenic mountain backdrops and the seduction of the tango.

Cellist and Latin Grammy winner Antonio Lysy will take audiences on an adventure with music from his award-winning album “Antonio Lysy at the Broad – Music From Argentina.” His music explores a variety of influences from Baroque to electric.

According to his website,, Lysy’s music is described as “among the most beautiful recordings of cello and piano you are likely ever to hear.”

Also debuting their innovative works, which appeal to a broad spectrum of listeners, is the Aeolus Quartet. Violinists Nicholas Tavani and Rachel Shapiro, violist Gregory Luce and cellist Aan Richardson were all Grand Prize winners of the 2011 Plowman Chamber Music Competition and the 2011 Yellow Springs Chamber Music Competition, according to

Students and adults will also see internationally renowned dancers Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrinuevo. Official choreographers of “So You Think You Can Dance” and stars of Broadway’s “Forever Tango”, Larici and Barrinuevo are trained in ballet, jazz and tango. Both from Argentina, these dancers move across the floor together as one, telling a story of passion and love while bringing the culture of Argentina to life.

Before the show, guests can experience a romantic dinner with a taste of Argentina including chipas, an Argentinean cheese bread, to empanadas and assorted desserts. Guests will also see a private tango demonstration by Larici and Barrinuevo. Dinner is $25 per person. Anyone interested must RSVP by Thursday, Feb. 5. Regular admission tickets are available online at or in Schaeffer Auditorium at the box office. Tickets are $28 for regular admission and discounted for students.


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