By Joshua Herring

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The Line of Fire band members Kistler (left), Carchedi (middle), and Valek (right). Photo by Chris Carchedi

The Line of Fire band members have played hard rock music together for over two years. With their recently recorded demo of three tracks, the group begins to transform from high school, amateur musicians to an exciting new player in the Berks-Lehigh music scene.

Comprised of KU student and percussionist/singer Jim Valek, bass player Collin Kistler and lead singer/guitar player Chris Carchedi, the band vows that what sets them apart from other rock groups is their chemistry. According to Carchedi, it’s undeniable.

“After rocking out to Metallica, we all became so tight,” said Carchedi.

The Line of Fire promptly won the Battle of the Bands at Parkland High School’s 2013 Festival of the Arts, strengthening their musical reputation.

In the summer of 2013, the band’s chemistry was threatened when faced with the loss of their leading guitar player, Alex Siegfried, an “absolute shredder,” according to Valek. Still, the natural harmony between the three remaining musicians kept the group hopeful and energetic.

The Line of Fire, now a triad, soon booked several performances at Planet Trog and Crocodile Rock Café in Allentown, where they most notably opened for Great White. Carchedi said, “Our audience responded in the natural, head-banging way we hoped for, and performing next to a great musician like Jack Russell was incredible.”

Kistler compares their sound to bands like White Stripes and Foo Fighters.

“When we were a four piece we had a heavier metal sound. Now, our music sounds more like blues-based rock. It’s sincere and we just want to share it with people,” said Carchedi.

Their recently completed demo, recorded by Sunlight Productions at a brand new studio in Perkasie, embodies this bluesy sound.

The first of the three tracks, “Automatic Ultraviolet”, can be described as “head-bang blues”, according to Valek. The following two, “Red and White” and “We’re Not Alright”, are more major key, crowd pleaser songs. “They have a happy violence,” said Kistler.

Except for vocals and a guitar solo, all three songs were recorded live, alluding to the band’s confidence in their live performances. The musical energy translates and expands into their career, as the band is currently putting immense effort in booking future gigs at venues around the area, particularly at Penn’s Peak, ArtsQuest and Crocodile Rock Café for a third time.

Despite college courses occupying the band’s time as well, there is little to no interference with their music, according to Valek. He said, “The only thing that’s difficult is focusing on school, because we all have a very strong belief that our music is going to support us in the future. We have a momentum going, especially since we recorded our demo.”

Kistler zealously nodded in agreement to Valek’s comment, and Carchedi concurringly said, “We are 99 percent sure that our music will take us somewhere. I wouldn’t be in the band if I didn’t believe in us.”

Those interested in purchasing the band’s CD can contact Carchedi at More information about The Line of Fire and upcoming shows can be found on The Line of Fire Facebook page.

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